Welcome to the Dawn Project

The Dawn project achieves to create collaborative network solution for GMF-Editors. This means that after you have create your diagram-code an additional generation step will created a client network-adapter and a complete server for you. This extension will provide conflict-detection as well as conflict-removal and some conflict-avoidance mechanisms. It will also provide a basic user management system to manage the access to the diagram. In addition to the client/server components Dawn will create a Web-Viewer which allows to view every diagram change online.

Because Dawn is my diploma-thesis project which just started in November 2008 the projects sites are not well equipped with information. But I provide for every new project-step a small screencast. So if you are interested in the progress have a look into the screencasts section or send me an e-mail.

February 19, 2009
updated the Dawn screencasts section

February 14, 2009
The mftech.org blog went online

December 12, 2008
updated the aims section

November 27, 2008
Well, today the side went online.